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New Home Builder Spruce Grove

New Home Builder Spruce Grove

Features Of Mediterranean Interior Design Every New Home Builder In Spruce Grove Must Learn

According to a new home builder in Spruce Grove, Mediterranean interior design is the way to go. This very new home builder in Spruce Grove believes that Mediterranean interior design never becomes old fashioned and it is adopted in several countries. Well, he may be right since every new home builder in Spruce Grove now encourages and promotes the Mediterranean design.

The beauty and amazing features of Mediterranean interior designs have attracted a lot of people and these designs have been embraced worldwide. Although there are numerous Mediterranean interior designs, there are three common styles. There are Italian style, Greek style and Spanish style. Initially, some experts believe that there are Western Asia and Northern Africa Mediterranean styles but later, it was discovered that both styles are just combinations of the former three styles (Italian, Greek and Spanish styles)

Adding a touch of Moorish Motifs to the design is very common to the Mediterranean styles of Islamic countries. All the three styles have one thing in common. They strive to bring nature inside homes. All the designs make good use of fresh colors, organic fabrics and a lot of woods. These designs also have shaded alcoves and courtyards with sunny swimming pools.

They Offer Natural Colors

A common feature of Mediterranean interior design is the use of colors inspired by nature. It involves using these colors for walls and furniture. For instance, you could adopt the navy color of the sea or the light blue color of the sky. Lavender and playful lime can be used for some of the accessories. You can also consider calm beige for your bedroom walls. You can use it for the living room walls too. The closest natural color for furniture is warm terra cotta tones and you could adopt the color for your furniture.

Furniture Styles

The most suitable furniture style for Mediterranean interior design is sturdy, solid and heavy furniture styles. While some are wooden furniture, others are made of wrought iron. Dark colors could be selected for the cushion and pillows. You could also select bright accent bedding.

For accessories like candle holders, figurines and chandeliers, a touch of gold or bronze will be awesome according to Mediterranean design. For adequate airiness and brightness of the apartment, light and modest colors should be adopted for curtains.

Rustic Finishes

Mediterranean interior designs often appear rustic. This is because of the kind of fixtures, fittings and frames installed. The ceilings are usually very high and builders prefer to use beams for the high ceilings. The path towards the entrance is also usually tiled.

This rustic look offers a lot of affordability. The materials are relatively cheaper than modern materials. Tiles are used for the floor of every room and they can be used for doorframes, tabletops and pool decks. Tiles combine style with affordability.

Handmade Accessories

Handmade accessories are often better suited than factory made ones. Some of the best handmade accessories for Mediterranean interior décor are carved-wood culinary sets, terra cotta pottery and a collection of ceramic bowls. All these handmade accessories have a way of combining beauty and durability with both nature and style. Needless to say, this is the main objective of Mediterranean interior design.



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