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6 Ways to Increase Energy Efficiency at Home

Posted on Aug 19, 2021 in Blog

While many homeowners would like to reduce the energy use in their homes, it can be difficult to find ways to do so. However, there are a variety of decisions a homeowner can make to cut back on their energy use and improve the overall efficiency of their home. Below are some tips and tricks to improve energy efficiency in any home.  

How Can I Make My Home More Energy Efficient?

Increase the Insulation in Your Home: Many homes are low on insulation in the walls; this contributes to draftiness and heat loss throughout your house. Hiring a professional company to rectify this problem will drastically improve the way your home maintains temperatures; this results in less energy needed for both heating and cooling your home all year round. 

Install Fans: Installing ceiling fans in your home, or simply increasing their usage if they are in place already, can cut back quite a bit on the AC you are needing to cool your home. For warm days, a ceiling fan may be all that is needed to keep you cool room-by-room instead of spending the money and energy on cooling the entire house at the same time with an AC unit. 

Upgrade Your Lightbulbs: Replacing old incandescent lightbulbs with LEDs and other Energy Star lightbulbs will drastically reduce the amount of electricity needed to keep your house lit. 

Upgrade Your Appliances: Large appliances like refrigerators and dishwashers have some of the largest energy demands of anything in your home. Increasing the efficiency of these machines will save a large chunk of money and greenhouse gas emissions all on their own. 

Install Skylights: Skylights are perhaps the best way to increase the amount of natural light into your home. This will lower the electricity needed to light your home during the day and save a substantial amount of energy. 

Change Your HVAC Filters: HVAC with dirty filters have to work harder to pull air through and circulate it throughout the house. Cleaning or replacing the filters in your HVAC will improve the heating and cooling of your home and reduce the energy demand of the process too.   

Spending more time at home can create concerns about finding the balance between keeping energy costs down and using the amount of energy needed to maintain your home. With a bit of effort, you can help reduce energy use and costs while spending more time at home.