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The word ‘bungalow’ comes from the Hindi word ‘bangala’, referring to single-storey homes in Bengal. This house design became popular and spread into the UK, the US, South Africa and Canada. San Rufo Homes’ bungalows provide many benefits to potential homeowners. Not only are they spacious, but their single-story design means less overlooking and more privacy.

Having one level also makes your home more accessible, which may become an important consideration later in life. A bungalow can essentially “grow” with you, meaning it will be as suitable for you in later life as it is now.

Because of its single-story build, bungalows are great for families with young kids. The best advantage? It’s easier to keep an eye on little ones! And, the smaller size doesn’t have the maintenance demands of owning a larger house: roofs are easier to access making routine maintenance of those areas is a breeze. If you decide you want more room to move, their open plan allows for budget-friendly interior design options. Adding more space is easy: simply renovate and extend into the backyard.

Sounds perfect for you? Look through our available bungalow house models and see what could be your future home.