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Canadian Luxury Custom Home Trends

Posted on Feb 2, 2023 in Blog

Luxury custom homes are becoming increasingly popular in Canada as people look for more individualized and personalized living spaces and seek to capitalize on a rare ‘buyers market’ for luxury real estate. Homebuyers want to add their own style, features, and amenities to make their living spaces truly unique and reflective of their individual taste and preferences.

With this growing trend come a few key features that are trending in the luxury home market across Canada, including:

  • Open floor plans
  • Smart technology integration
  • Luxurious finishings
  • Modern appliances

Open Floor Plans

One of the hot trends in luxury custom homes is open floor plans. Open-concept design is all about making your home feel spacious without sacrificing functionality or style. Traditionally, homes were designed with small, compartmentalized rooms that could feel cramped or lack privacy. By using an open-concept layout, homeowners can now enjoy larger spaces with better flow between rooms and plenty of natural light.

The Evan Model SanRufo Homes
Evan Model Kitchen

Smart Technology Integration

Another trend making its way into luxury custom homes is smart technology integration. From connected home systems that control lighting, temperature, security and more from one system with the touch of a button to voice-activated appliances that create a fully automated experience, these technologies offer convenience and efficiency to luxury custom homes. Smart technology can also help reduce energy costs long term by highlighting areas where energy savings can be made such as automated shading systems or efficient HVAC systems.

Smart Technology Integration SanRufo Homes

Luxurious Finishings

When designing a luxury custom home in Canada other popular features include luxurious finishings such as marble countertops, onyx floors, expensive artwork, walk-in closets and private balconies with breathtaking views. This kind of opulent environment adds an elevated level of comfort while also creating the perfect space for entertaining guests in style! Other details like high ceilings, intricate trim work or unique architectural elements like curved staircases can also bring a touch of glamour to any home design – making it truly stand out amongst others!

Luxurious Finishings SanRufo Homes
Evan Model Kitchen

Modern Appliances

Finally no luxurious custom home would be complete without modern appliances; from SubZero refrigerators to built-in espresso machines, these additions give your kitchen an extra edge when it comes to cooking up extravagant meals or hosting intimate dinner parties! Not only do they provide added convenience but they often help reduce energy consumption – helping homeowners save money (and the planet!) at the same time!

Mordan Appliances SanRufo Homes
Evan Model Kitchen

The Perfect Balance

Thanks to these top trends for luxury custom homes in Canada, today’s homeowners can create truly beautiful living spaces that not only reflect their tastes but are also highly efficient and cost effective – creating perfect balance between style & sustainability!

Over the last 40 years, San Rufo Homes has focused on building custom homes to suit every lifestyle. If you’re in the market for a custom, luxury home, San Rufo will work closely with you and our in-house drafting team to come up with the home plan of your dreams, complete with all the modern technology, luxurious finishings, and modern appliances.

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