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When you build your dream home with San Rufo Homes, you’ll notice a few differences. Not only are you intimately involved throughout the entire design and building process, we take extra steps to ensure your new home is of a quality that is unsurpassed in the industry. We dedicate time for multiple inspections and walk-throughs to make sure your home meets our standards of excellence in both workmanship and function.

Our Construction and Sales Team is always available to answer your questions and concerns, and we continually work to support each homeowner during and long after the warranty period. This is Customer Service the San Rufo Way.

Requests must be submitted in writing to our office via a Warranty Request Form.

All items listed for repair by the homeowner will be evaluated for warranty coverage according to the Progressive Home Limited Warranty Agreement signed at closing, and industry guidelines as laid out in the Homeowner’s Manual Performance Guidelines Section.

Warranty work is performed during business days and hours only.

Each of our customers become aware that maintaining a good reputation is as important to San Rufo Homes as building a good house and they know that both of those goals are interdependent. For post one year concerns, please Contact Us.


We take great pride in the many projects we have accomplished working with our clients in a design build process. We have developed and currently maintain solid relationships with a number of local home designers and architectural firms and would be pleased to set up interviews with them to determine which one best suits your project's needs. Working in a closely coordinated effort, we work with the selected home designer or architect sharing each of our resources of knowledge and expertise. As the plans are developed we will discuss construction details with actual trade's people who will perform the work. These discussions help to create details which add great design aspects, but are practical and cost efficient to construct.


For over 10 years, the Stabile family and their team have been recognized by customers in setting a high standard for excellence in new home design and construction regardless of a home buyer’s price point.

From our wealth of knowledge and experience we have created an exciting portfolio of new home designs. Our architectural and construction team started with some of our best custom home design ideas. Then we carefully researched and refined each plan in order to ensure the best combination of design, efficiency and attention to detail to create reproducible model plans. The end result is a collection of new home designs that offer the homebuyer an exceptional overall value.

Constructing a home based on our model homes is based on the following procedures:

  • Initial Meeting with Sale Associate
  • Review of Model with Sale Associate
  • Finalize Build Site
  • Confirm Desired Specifications
  • Summary of Building Costs
  • Compiling all the information of plans and specification
  • Contract
  • Schedule Construction
  • Complete
  • Warranty

Although there are many steps in the building of your new home, San Rufo Homes will guide and take you through each step.


Written ‘spec’ifications expand on the working drawings in detail. Builders normally provide a 'General Specification' list which outlines construction and finish details. General Specifications also include details regarding the builder's warranty and policies for handling legal arrangements and title transfer.

If the builder provides Construction Allowances enabling you to make your own selections of such items as lighting fixtures, floor coverings, plumbing fixtures or appliances, then these allowances should identify exactly what is covered by each allowance and the dollar value allocated. Obviously, a less expensive selection than the dollar amount allocated will save you money while a more expensive choice will cost you more. These variances will be noted in your Statement of Adjustments.

If you vary from the General Specifications, then the details of what you want: brand names, colours, sizes, model and style numbers for example- should be noted in the Finish Schedules or on a Change Order before construction starts. Specifications are an important part of the Agreement between you and your builder. Check to ensure the blueprints and specifications do not contradict each other.

What do I need to know about my blueprints?

The Significance of Working Drawings

At the time the Agreement is signed, final working drawings and a plot plan may not be available for reference. These working drawings are the normal planning tools a builder needs to construct any new home.

Before construction starts, it is important that the actual working drawings and material specifications be prepared, reviewed and approved by you. Your builder representative will need to discuss all the working drawings with you in detail.

Working Drawings, a plot plan and written Specifications are essential parts of the Agreement. The documents should accurately describe your new home's design, construction and materials. It's important that you clearly understand them so that you fully know what you are buying. Review the documents and address any concerns with your builder representative.

Working Drawings are the road maps for building your new home. They're the actual building plans. These scaled-down two-dimensional working drawings serve a number of purposes. For example, your builder will submit a set to receive municipal building permit approval. Other sets will help guide suppliers in providing the necessary materials while sub-trades will use theirs as directions for completing their work according to plan. A set of working drawings consists of the following elements: Exterior Elevations are detailed, scaled and dimensional drawings of the roof and exterior walls of your home. They show your home's profiles' front, sides and rear-and indicate the location and types of exterior finishing materials to be used.

Why is the plot plan important?

The orientation and location of your new home on its lot are indicated on a scaled-down drawing of the lot. This plot plan shows the distance to the home from the front, back and side property lines and positions the home in accordance with municipal bylaws for 'set-backs' from property lines and easements as well as a standard or reverse house plan. The locations of any easements are indicated along with details of "Grades".

Your home must comply with municipal bylaws including the percentage of lot coverage and setbacks. Otherwise, a variance relaxation must be obtained before construction can begin. This could involve extra costs and some time delays. Your builder will obtain a real property report from the surveyor to confirm the home is in compliance with municipal bylaws before mortgage advances are made.

What does the possession date mean?

The most-asked question by new homebuyers has to be "when is the possession date?" In many cases, this date is an important part of initial agreement discussions. The majority of Agreements make reference to a Possession Date, but firm commitment to that date by the builder will be qualified by a "force majeure" clause which allows the builder flexibility due to circumstances beyond its control.

Possession Date estimates are the normal since any number of situations including weather and the availability of specific building materials may have an impact on the projected date.

Recognizing the importance of your Possession Date however, most Agreements will specify that the Builder must confirm the date of possession in writing at least 35 days prior to the actual possession date.

Written confirmation of your new home's possession date (35 Day Letter) triggers a number of steps that focus on the paper side of your relationship with your builder - steps which ensure that all the legal documents and other forms required are completed and available on your possession date.

What do I need to know about my Purchase Agreement before I sign it?

Purchase Agreements (or contracts) are a normal part of buying a new home. Your builder representative should be used to dealing with them every day and should be able to answer your questions and clarify any issues regarding contract details.

Essentially, the Agreement establishes the mutual obligations and a formal set of rules to govern the relationship between you and your builder. You should have a thorough understanding of the contract, and the contract documents including the Working Drawings, Plot plan and Specifications.

What role do lawyers play in my home purchase?

The legal areas to be dealt with on the road to new home ownership consist of:

MORTGAGES: Registration and Disbursement of Funds
In most cases, contracts are straightforward agreements between buyer and builder using the builder's standard contract which includes mandatory clauses about warranty coverage or the contract prepared by The Progressive New Home Warranty Program. These contracts are more than adequate to fairly represent the legal agreements between you and your builder regarding the terms and conditions of building what you need in a new home, where, when, how and at what price. On the closing of the sale, the legal firm fulfills its responsibility to transfer title to the purchaser.

1 Year Materials & Labour Warranty

The first year of warranty covers against defects (items that do not conform to warranty standards) in workmanship and materials that appear after you move in to your new home.

2 Year Mechanical Systems Warranty

In the second year, the warranty extends to the crucial mechanical systems of the home. This coverage extends to any defect in materials and labour supplied for the gas, electrical, plumbing, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning delivery systems.

5 Year Building Envelope Warranty

For the first five years Progressive includes coverage for the many elements that provide protection to what is called the “building envelope”. We warrant against water penetration and a number of other hazards that threaten the comfort and beauty of your new home.

10 Year Structural Defect Warranty

The total policy limit is the lesser of the cost of the home excluding land or $265,000.

$265,000 Total Policy Limit

The total aggregate coverage for any single family home under the new legislation is $265,000. We believe our builders are the best in the industry and we back them with the highest level of consumer protection.

Additional Living Expense Coverage up to $15,000

Progressive Home Warranty will ensure families have a place to live if they have to move out of their home because of a structural defect up to $150 per day to a maximum of $15,000.


At San Rufo Homes, we are proud to provide you with exceptional customer service when it comes to the San Rufo Homes Limited Warranty that is provided on your home. If you are experiencing an emergency please refer to your San Rufo Homes Closing Binder and contact the phone number provided.

To schedule a service request for your San Rufo home please provide your information in the fields below and you will be contacted by our Warranty Department.

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