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Colourful Decor Ideas for Your Home

Posted on Oct 4, 2022 in Blog

If your home’s colour scheme is a little on the bland side, it doesn’t take much to punch up the wow factor to any room. Add vibrant charm to your décor with minimal fuss and maximum impact.

Adding a touch of colour livens up any room and gives energy to your space. Brightening up a room perks up your attitude and makes your home a cheery space you and your family will enjoy. 

Make A Grand First Impression

Paint your front door in a bold and vivid hue to catch the eye of visitors in a big way. This simple project adds curb appeal and greets guests with a hint of things to come. Repeat the colour or variations of the shade in several accents like flowerpots or a coordinating door wreath. 

Shutters are popular accents on many homes and painting them to accent or coordinate with your new door continues the colour theme. A stencilled porch floor or a colourful entry rug adds another layer of texture.

Add A Punch Of Colour With Accent Pieces

There’s no need to redo an entire room to add flair to a neutral colour palette. Choose an accent colour and perk up your room with brightly patterned pillows, a vignette of related pieces like vases, bowls or pitchers in vibrant hues or a bright and cuddly fringed throw. 

Fill a shelf with brightly coloured knickknacks instead of spreading them throughout the room. Rather than scattering them randomly, make one big grouping. This concentrated mass of colour adds real punch and makes a colourful focal point in any space. 

Create A Strong Focal Point With Statement Furniture

Painted in a bold hue, a single striking piece of furniture can act as a colourful central focus for your room. A table, dresser or sideboard can be the starting point for your room’s colourful transformation. 

Your statement piece can be painted with a knockout colour to instantly give the room a blast of excitement. Painted with either a gloss or satin finish, this piece will highlight an otherwise bland colour palette. Chalk paint is the latest rage in paint and it’s a perfect texture for deep, luxurious tones. 

Add a carefully curated vignette of knickknacks, lamp and wall décor to give the piece centre stage in your room. 

Give An Accent Wall The Star Treatment

Painting one wall a vibrant, vivid hue adds a big splash of colour that sets the stage for furniture and accessories. Select a rich jewel tone or a strong primary or pastel tone to transform the space into one that’s vibrant and full of life. 

Use this space to feature a treasured collection or prized piece of furniture. Hanging a collection of wall art and memorabilia or creating a cozy seating nook are just a few ways to highlight the area.

Start With Colour From The Ground Up

Add instant excitement to your room with a colourful rug. Boldly patterned or elegantly simple, this easy fix is a sure way to add a layer of texture and interest to the most mundane space. 

If your room is lacking pattern, consider a bold geometric or floral design to add texture as well as colour. If you already have a lot going on with patterns, a simple design with colour banding or a tone-on-tone design plays up the colour without adding more busy patterns. 

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Add A Bright Backdrop

If you have a bookcase or glass front cabinet, add an upbeat surprise by painting or wallpapering the back. There are loads of ways to beautify your boring bookshelves, and many of these don’t require paint or need to be permanent. 

Wallpaper can usually be removed without damage to the surface, but if you want to make sure, wallpaper stiff cardboard that’s been cut to size. You can wrap fabric around cardboard or foam core board and staple it in place. Then, just slide the pieces into place for a burst of colour and pattern that’s a perfect setting to display your collections and books. 

Whether you choose one or several of these tips to add colour to your home, you’ll find they’re simple and won’t break your budget. Best of all, they’re quick and easy projects so you can have a new look to your home in just a few hours or days.

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