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Creating an Outdoor Oasis on Your Backyard Patio

Posted on Apr 11, 2022 in Blog

With a little effort and creativity, and less dollars than you might think, you can make your backyard patio an extension of your living space. Your patio can truly be an outdoor living room – a place to read a book, write a letter, take a nap, have a meal, visit with a friend, or entertain a bunch. 

Take a close look at what you have in your indoor living room, and think about what you need on your patio to entice you to spend time outdoors instead. Then think about how you can take your personal design style that you’ve incorporated inside your house, and bring it outside. Attention to design elements is what will really bring you outside.

Creating an Outdoor Oasis on Your Backyard Patio

What is Your Style? 

Casual elegance. Country charm. Mexican Riviera. Adirondack. French bistro. Both careful bargain shopping or spending a bundle can give the same result. Furniture you will actually want to sit in or eat a meal from. Furniture and accessories that match your style. 

Scour upscale stores, department stores, garage sales, craft markets, or even online shopping for items that appeal to you. Choose items that will spark conversations with their interesting shapes, designs, finishes, or functionality. “This mosaic table top looks straight from Greece.” “What a beautiful job you’ve done re-furbishing this planter stand. Hard to believe someone was ready to throw it away!” “This bench is also a storage box? How inventive!”

Don’t commit yourself to white plastic chairs with stiff cushions, or folding metal lawnchairs that are rusted and frayed. You have several options for furniture materials such as wood, wicker, wrought iron, or aluminum. All materials are essentially equal on the durability and water-resistance scales, so take your pick. 

Go beyond the usual set-up of four chairs and a round table. A glider, rocker, or swing can all provide nostalgic rocking at sunset. Anyone who sits on an arbor bench will immediately flash back to his or her first kiss. A chaise lounge with reclining options is what you need for reading a book or having a nap. Keep some folding chairs available for unexpected guests. A few tables of various sizes will give you a place to put your lemonade, or have a light lunch for two.

Choosing Accessories

Accessories will complete the irresistible lure to your outdoor refuge. Warmth from a heater or a chimnea (modern version of the traditional Mexican fireplace), and lighting or candles will keep you out after the sun goes down. An umbrella will protect you from the sun, wind, or light rain. A hammock will make you wonder why you have a king-sized bed stuffed into your master bedroom. 

Need more ideas? Cushions of all shapes and sizes, table cloths, outdoor area rugs, a variety of foliage, bird feeders, strings of white lights, wind chimes, wind socks, garden stones, fountains… and if you really don’t mind unexpected visitors, a hot tub would be a magnificent choice to make your patio a year-round oasis.

And remember, the end of this season is a perfect time to bargain shop for next year’s outdoor living season.

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