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Simple Tips for Creating Your Bedroom Oasis

Posted on May 18, 2022 in Blog

If you want to make your bedroom as beautiful, fashionable and up to date as possible, you’ll need to focus on a variety of elements. Creating the perfect look for a room doesn’t come from just one or two changes, but from blending elements together in a harmonious manner. Let’s look at some of the main points to consider for creating a spectacular bedroom.

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Furniture Ideas

The type of furniture you want for you bedroom will depend on factors such as the size of the room, the decor of the home in general and your personal taste. There are, however, some principles that apply across the board for furnishing your bedroom in a modern and attractive style.

Your furniture should be coordinated rather than matching. Furniture that matches doesn’t create a contemporary or sophisticated look. You’re better off going for a trendier, more idiosyncratic look. This means your bed, dresser, tables, chairs and any other pieces in the bedroom should complement one another, but they don’t have to match perfectly.

Another principle to keep in mind is spacing. No matter how elegant your furniture may be, if everything is too close together, the room will have a cramped, closed-in feel. Make sure you create enough space so that all of the room’s elements can be appreciated.

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Let There Be Light

Lighting is one of the primary factors that creates the mood of a room. This includes both natural and artificial light. Natural light can be regulated by using your window coverings – shades, curtains, blinds or drapes. When it comes to artificial light, overhead lighting creates the most dramatic and attractive look. While people usually use more subdued lighting in the bedroom, don’t be afraid to make a bolder statement with more elaborate hanging fixtures or chandeliers. These should, of course, harmonize with the overall style of the room.

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Colour Palettes

The colours of your walls, floor, window coverings and even bedding will have a big impact on your bedroom’s appearance. Today’s design trends emphasize warm and neutral colours. The general principle to remember is that more subdued colours are sexier, and more sophisticated, bright colours make a louder, obvious statement. 

There is even evidence that the colours of your bedroom have an impact on the way you sleep. That’s why you should try to choose colours that have a calming effect on the eyes and brain, like blues and yellows. Remember that wall hangings, such as artwork, mirrors and decorations also contribute to the room’s colour palette. 

One thing to note: we spend about 1/3 of our lives in bed. Go ahead and splurge on the best mattress, pillows and bedding you can afford and make that time count!

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Functional Functionality

The modern bedroom is decorated to fit with our busy and multifaceted lifestyles. Many people like to read, enjoy a midnight snack or surf their iPads in their bedrooms. You can make your bedroom more comfortable and versatile by adding features that can accommodate these types of activities. 

A table with a pullout tray, for example, makes it convenient to eat a snack or small meal. A reading lamp and a chaise lounge provide the right ambiance to curl up with a book before going to sleep. The desk you have in your bedroom should be equipped with enough storage space so that you can keep plenty of convenient items within easy reach.

These are some points to keep in mind if you want your bedroom to be as comfortable as possible. When decorating, you always have to consider your own preferences and the basic style used throughout your home. What matters more than anything else is that the people who actually sleep in your bedroom find it beautiful and comfortable!

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