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Posted on Oct 4, 2021 in Showhomes & Communities

The Benefits of Custom Homes

1. Uniquely Yours

One of the most significant benefits of choosing a custom home is being able to oversee every personal detail. Following San Rufo’s expert guidance, choices covering every fit and finish are yours to make, including flooring, countertops, cabinetry, lighting, appliances and more.

By collaborating with San Rufo’s expert architects, you can create a home that expresses who you are both inside and out (or from floor to ceiling). From chef-inspired kitchens and luxury ensuites to theatre rooms and wine cellars, the possibilities are endless when it comes to bringing your new home dreams to life.

In short, custom homes allow you to feel a sense of satisfaction you can’t get from a pre-built or pre-owned home. Instead, you’ll enjoy the unparalleled sense of ease that comes from fashioning your home your way.

Uniquely Yours - Custom Homes
Joseph Ensuite

2. Custom Tailored to Your Lifestyle

How many bedrooms do I need? How much square footage do I require to make my family comfortable? What layout will work best for my lifestyle? There are many things to consider when building a home that will meet your needs.

When purchasing a pre-built or pre-owned home, you’ll find yourself at the builder’s mercy when it comes to the home’s design and construction. This can result in a home that’s both less coherent and less suited to you, your family and your overall lifestyle. Custom homes, on the other hand, allow you to create a tailor-made home capable of supporting everything you need it to.

In addition to square footage, layout, floorplan, etc., you’ll also have a variety of options when it comes to choosing your own custom home materials. Having the ability to select materials doesn’t just affect your home’s overall aesthetic design and maintenance, but it can also lead to savings of potentially hundreds or thousands a year in terms of energy costs.

During the planning stage, you’ll be able to work one-on-one with an experienced San Rufo architect who, after listening to your new home wants and needs, will source the right materials for your custom home design.

 Custom Tailored to Your Lifestyle

3. High-Quality Materials

Speaking of materials, when you buy a pre-built home, you may not be sure about the kinds of materials used during construction. Unfortunately, this means you have no way of gauging the quality and longevity of those materials, which can lead to increased maintenance, repairs, and poor energy efficiency (as mentioned above).

Expert custom home builder, San Rufo, only works with trustworthy vendors who provide high-quality materials and work. As a result, San Rufo clients can rest assured only the best brands and products are being used, based on their specifications during the construction process. By selecting the best materials, you’re guaranteed to prolong the enjoyment of your home for years to come.

4. Budget Control

A common misconception among Edmonton home buyers is that building a custom home will cost substantially more than a regular new or pre-existing home. The truth is, new custom homes allow you to take control over your new home budget, spending as much or as little as you like throughout the construction process. From floor to ceiling, you have the ultimate say over what goes into your new home, without costly surprises, surcharges or delays.

Your San Rufo custom home architect will take your new home budget into account during every stage of the construction process, helping you maintain firm control over your new home bottom line.

Budget Control
Hawks Ridge

5. Choice of Location

Yet another benefit of opting for a brand-new custom home is the ability to build the perfect home in a neighbourhood you love. Every bit as important as the home itself, the community you choose will play a significant role in your overall happiness and quality of life – which is why so many home buyers find themselves compromising between the two.

When building a custom home, you don’t have to choose. If your definition of happiness is a semi-secluded acreage estate on the outskirts of town or a high-end bungalow near Edmonton’s vibrant city centre, you can have your pick of perfect locations to call home.

6. Maximize Functionality

Pre-existing and pre-owned homes are seldom perfect. For this reason, many homeowners find themselves struggling with a semi-functional floor plan that negatively affects their day to day. Instead of simply trying to “make it work”, why not choose a custom home builder who knows how to capitalize on every square inch of useable space, no matter what you’re looking for?

Whether you want a closed floor plan that offers an increase in designated spaces and privacy or an open-concept layout centred around a luxury staircase, a good custom home builder will ensure your floor plan works to your benefit.

If you find yourself unsure of what plan may best suit your unique needs, San Rufo’s portfolio offers clients a broad range of tailor-made custom home designs to choose from. Conversely, if you prefer to use your own design, San Rufo Homes can assist in helping you create your ideal home from the ground up.

Tips For Planning Your Custom Home

To sum it all up, building a custom home gives you the freedom to choose your home’s design, materials, location and more. Should you wish to design your new home from foundation to rooftop, an expert San Rufo architect is standing by to discuss your new home vision and help you capitalize on all the benefits associated with building a custom home.

During the planning process, San Rufo also recommends that clients take their furniture into consideration. This is to ensure the space is ideally suited to accommodate everything you’ll need to be comfortable in your new home. It is also suggested you consider any specific features you may want to incorporate into your custom home’s design. These may include items such as additional outlets, in-floor heating or built-in speakers. Here again, your architect can help you.

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