Nicholas III

Custom Triple Car Garage

Single Family Attached Garage SqFt Bdrm Bath 9' Ceiling

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Home Features

  • Open Floor Plan: Embrace a spacious and interconnected layout that promotes a seamless flow between rooms.
  • Vaulted Ceilings: Create an airy and open feel by incorporating vaulted ceilings, enhancing the sense of space.
  • Custom Kitchen Design: Craft a personalized kitchen with high-quality appliances, ample storage, and a layout tailored to your cooking style.
  • Master Suite Retreat: Design a luxurious master suite with features like a walk-in closet, spa-like ensuite, and direct access to outdoor spaces.
  • Energy-Efficient Features: Consider energy-efficient windows, insulation, and appliances to minimize environmental impact and reduce utility costs.
  • Outdoor Living Spaces: Extend your living space outdoors with a custom-designed patio, deck, or courtyard for relaxation and entertainment.
  • Smart Home Technology: Integrate smart home features for enhanced security, energy efficiency, and convenience.
  • Flexible Spaces: Plan for versatile rooms that can adapt to changing needs, such as a home office, gym, or guest room.
  • Natural Light: Maximize natural light with well-placed windows and skylights to create a bright and welcoming environment.
  • Custom Storage Solutions: Incorporate built-in storage solutions to optimize space and keep your home organized.
Nicholas III

Custom Triple Car Garage Floor Plan

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Main Floor


Second Floor


Custom Triple Car Main Floor
Custom Triple Car Second Floor