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How to Make Your Home Office a Productive Space

Posted on Nov 28, 2022 in Blog

When you work from home, having a dedicated space keeps you productive and without distractions. But your at-home workspace doesn’t have to be drab like an office cubicle. Adding brightness and personality can make your home office somewhere you actually want to spend time.

Clear off your dining room table of paperwork and use these ideas to make a distraction-free office space.

1.    Maximize Natural Light

Your home office isn’t the place for heavy curtains. Keeping the window coverings light and airy allows light to shine, making the space feel open.

If your office space doesn’t have the luxury of natural light, lamps with bright, warm light are the best option. Your screen radiates blue light and can cause eye strain and headaches. In contrast, warm light can help you focus without being sharp.

2.    Choose Comfortable Furniture

Going for trendy chairs for your office will look magazine worthy. But sit on that chair long enough, and you’ll learn it’s not ergonomic. To work at your desk without pain, choose furniture that will last and is designed to promote good posture.

Consider comfort when shopping for desk accessories. Invest in an ergonomic keyboard or a wrist pad to add some comfort while you’re typing all day. There are several different tools to make your work desk feel pain-free and comfortable.

Rosaria III Office

3.    Have Plenty of Accessible Storage

Cabinets and bookshelves can transform a home office. However, when they’re not strategically placed, you run the risk of accumulating clutter around your office. Keep necessary cabinets and shelves within arm’s reach of your desk. When you have to stand up and disrupt the flow of work by walking around the room, it’s not a functional space.

Custom storage, like built-in cabinets and bookshelves, will fit seamlessly into the room in your preferred style. If your office is a den and has limited space, floating shelves are a modern style to maximize floor space.

4.    Decorate the Space

Yes, the space is for working, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Adding little touches of décor, rugs, or art can bring the room to life and invigorate you when you hit afternoon slumps. It’s also a commitment-free way to incorporate some colour into a neutral palette.

Greenery, flowers, and indoor trees fit with any aesthetic and work as air purifiers in a stuffy space. Some plants will thrive in the room whether you have low-light or direct sun.

Bottom Line

Creating a home office can be an opportunity to design a space that will make your work more productive and stylish. Whether you work from home full-time or sit in a florescent-lit office building, you deserve a space that makes work feel homey and a little relaxing.

With a custom home from San Rufo Homes, you can transform a traditional bedroom or utilize a den or bonus space to create a space to separate work from your living area. Contact us to explore our variety of floorplans for single-family homes and townhomes.

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