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Infill Homes

Posted on Sep 28, 2021 in Showhomes & Communities

Infill House construction consists of building a new house in a mature neighborhood, whether on an empty lot or redesigning your current house. San Rufo Homes has the experience and knowledge to custom build your ideal house with the luxuries you want and the space you need. Our dedication to being present for all parts of the building process means cutting down the need for multiple contractors. This allows our clients to be more involved with their project, establishing a good line of communication that helps reduce stress and minimizes issues.

The Benefits of Infill Houses from San Rufo Homes

Choosing to build an infill house, when done right, is one that has multiple advantages, for you and for your community. San Rufo Homes knows how to build excellent infill houses that are up to current building codes and are customizable enough to meet your every need and want. When you have San Rufo Homes as your contractors for the construction of infill houses in neighborhoods, you help create environmental benefits, boost the local economy, increase population density through diversifying housing options, and promote better lifestyles. For more on what services we provide for constructing Infill Houses, contact us.

Increasing a Positive Environmental Impact

Infill Housing is better for the environment. As San Rufo does not need to do any additional land development during construction, this helps to minimize the contributions to air pollution, which is a common issue in urban areas. As San Rufo Homes builds upon a vacant lot or demolishes the current house, we work with a finite space and do not expand or alter it. This will cause a decrease in the formation of “heat islands”, which are domes of warm air that form over urban and suburban areas, affecting air quality. With no heavy machinery or terrain building being used to create Infill Housing, this leaves important ecosystems surrounding St. Albert and Edmonton intact and untouched. The beautiful scenery that the area is known for alone, letting more people be able to enjoy its splendor.

The introduction of Infill Houses into neighbourhoods helps to reduce reliance on cars. Not only does this help with monthly costs, it reduces the emissions they produce. Additionally, San Rufo Homes makes certain that new building codes are followed. This makes our Infill Homes more energy efficient, reducing the environmental impact of the city through lowering energy consumption. Not only do you greatly benefit from getting to choose where to have San Rufo Homes build your Infill House, you also get to help create a positive environmental impact.

Creating More Choices

There are many different types of infill houses that San Rufo can design and build from the ground up, increasing the amount of possibilities available. You can also choose the neighborhood that best suits your needs, whether you look for a neighborhood that has better transit, that is closer to services, that is quiet or is close to schools. If you want to stay in your current neighborhood but need to repurpose your house, Infill Houses from San Rufo Homes are the right choice. Our company can help you to develop the perfect home for you and your needs. The possibilities are practically endless and as customizable as your dream house.

Densifying Communities Through Diversifying Housing

The benefits not only extend to homeowners, but to the surrounding neighborhood as well. By choosing San Rufo Homes to construct an Infill House for you, you help to build diverse neighborhoods that provide more housing options for everyone. Families who want to remain in their current neighborhood, and require bigger space can have San Rufo Homes build on their current lot instead of moving away. Senior citizens who want to stay in their neighborhood but cannot maintain their current space due to mobility issues can have San Rufo Homes build them a house to suit their needs. Young professionals and students can afford to live where normally it would be costly or inconvenient when San Rufo builds accommodating homes. Infill Houses, overall, encourage residents of the current neighborhood to stay and they allow more residents to move in. This creates more opportunities for families to age in place, and younger generations are able to find more cost effective homes to live in. With a population increase, the community is closer to accessible services, utilizing more of the local infrastructure.

Mature neighborhoods will have their well being reinvigorated. When SanRufo builds Infill Houses in older areas, they attract families, young couples, working professionals and students, increasing the population density. This in turn contributes to the continuation of schools, community centers and halls that are important to mature neighborhoods and their communities. Services that are close by, such as locally owned shops and restaurants are more frequented. This allows for local shop owners to have an increase in business, adding to their revenue and the City’s economy overall.

Increasing Physical and Social Health

When San Rufo builds Infill Houses, it helps create walkable communities. As previously mentioned, when communities diversify, local economy boosts and the need for transit is decreased, the introduction of these houses into mature neighborhoods encourages walking.

Transportation by walking is much more enjoyable and convenient than a vehicle, as well as a cost effective means. When mature neighborhoods increase a density in population, transit services may become more available. Or, if there is already a transit service where an Infill House is built, this allows for an easier choice between what mode of transport is most convenient for homeowners. Since the need for cars is significantly reduced, a more active lifestyle is encouraged. This in turn has a greater positive effect on the healthcare system as a whole.

Living in a neighborhood that reduces your commute times means that you have more time to spend with friends, family, or doing hobbies or recreational activities. Accessibility to centers, halls, schools and services are increased, allowing for more people to visit or utilize them. Interaction with others is increased as more community activities and services become widely accessible to people, strengthening ties and improving social health.