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Retirement in a Two-Storey Home

Posted on Jan 26, 2022 in Blog

As you age and retire, you don’t have to give up on a two-storey home. It’s possible to age comfortably in something other than a single-storey bungalow, but there are some features in your home that you may like to include.

Is Your Bathroom Suitable for Seniors?

Bathrooms are easily one of the most hazardous rooms for anyone. They tend to be cramped, slippery, and not well lit. When it comes to bathrooms, the more space, the better. Having some extra room to manoeuver, non-slip flooring, and better lighting is the bare minimum for a more comfortable bathroom for seniors.

Some extra features that are a good idea to consider are a raised toilet, a walk-in shower and grab bars for additional support. These minor changes can withstand decreasing mobility and help you age in place effortlessly.

Are Stairs Safe for Seniors?

Stairs are often the biggest concern for ageing people – if they have stairs in their home, the question becomes one of safety. Not all stairs are inaccessible for seniors, and your two-storey home can still be manageable.

Having handrails is essential in any home, but they need to be sturdy in a retiree’s house. Seniors rely on railings more than other adults, and ideally, they should also be strong enough to support a stair lift if need be. Slippery steps are also a concern for stairs, and you shouldn’t use some materials on a senior’s stairs. Carpet is a go-to, but you can also get non-skid floor paint coating.

Are Your Home’s Entrances Accessible for Seniors?

The outside of your home matters just as much as the inside. Nearly all houses have steps outside leading to the front door. Sometimes, these steps don’t have a handrail, so seniors must put up a rail for safety. Anti-slip coating on the surface of the steps is also an option, along with rubber treads for stability.

Bottom Line

You can implement adaptations to your two-storey home to keep ageing in place. Building a home with exact specifications to your needs can ensure that you get precisely the features you need to have a comfortable retirement in your home.

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