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Warranty Tips: Breakers Tripping When Plugging in Vehicles

Posted on Dec 20, 2021 in News

Below are some important tips from our electricians for trouble shooting before you contact the builder or an electrician if your breakers trip when plugging in your vehicle, due to cold weather. 

1. Turn off & unplug everything in the garage. 

2. Re set the breaker. 

3. One at a time, start plugging in items that will draw a current, such as a nightlight, curling iron, hair dryer, or anything that clearly shows there is power – until all outlets are being used.  

4. If all is running smooth, try removing one of the items & plugging in the vehicle.  

This helps show what draw is overloading. IF the breaker trips, we have narrowed down that it is the vehicle causing this. 

Try using a different cord from the vehicle to the outlet (following the same steps as above).

Sometimes the cords become ‘stressed’ and replacing the cord you are using is the simplest fix. 

The Electrician did advise, depending on the vehicle, more than half the calls they are attending for in a garage or for exterior plugs, are due to a block heater or battery warmer causing the overload.

This is not a defect of the workmanship or materials of your home. Any mechanical shop can fully diagnose and complete repairs on your vehicle (block heater cords causing breakers to trip usually run approx. $175-200 for repair).