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5 Top Bathroom Trends to Create an Indoor Oasis

Posted on Aug 18, 2022 in Blog

When it comes to décor and upgrades, bathrooms are often overlooked. They’re a practical space that differs from your bedroom or living room – it’s not considered the most glamourous space.

Bathrooms are a room that everyone uses, and whether you treat your master bath like a spa or want your half-bath to look a little less drab, there are plenty of décor touches you can add to the room to make it feel more luxurious.

1.    Add Plants

Having natural elements in your home will always be on-trend but adding plants to your bathroom is a unique opportunity to add tropical greenery to your space. Your bathroom is typically the room with the least natural light and high humidity, creating an environment not found in the rest of your home.

Low light plants that love moisture will thrive in your bathroom and add a blast of colour and energy to your bathroom.

2.    Create Art-Filled Walls

Beyond the basic mirror and wall racks, walls in bathrooms can feel very bare. While the priority is to have everything you need to get ready on hand in the morning, adding some artistic elements is eye-catching.

Add art prints or clocks to the wall to fill space and incorporate candle sticks, vases, and bold accessories to give your space some personality.

3.    Mix Colours and Textures

Whether you use solid colours and minimalist shades, bathrooms are the newest place to add some texture and movement. Combine different textile patterns and textures to make your bathroom convey comfort and coziness.

From towels, rugs, wall coverings, or curtains, there are a lot of textiles to experiment with to find your desired combination.

Durnin Ensuite
Durnin Ensuite

4.    Opulent Features

Using marble and tile to turn up the luxury can elevate the energy of the space and make it more inviting. Whether you like natural looks or the pinnacle of luxury, there are endless varieties of features available.

Introduce glamourous light fixtures, drawer knobs and pulls, and luxurious faucets to enhance the energy of the space, rather than simply performing a practical function.

5.    Spa-Like Details

Spa-like bathrooms, especially ensuite master bathrooms, are proving to be one of the most enduring trends over the last several years. With double vanities, top-of-the-line shower heads and large soaking tubs, bathroom designs promote a dedicated space for relaxation.

With a spa-inspired bathroom, what was once a functional space becomes livable and even enjoyable.

Bottom Line

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