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Trendy Ways to Add Colour to Your Home

Posted on Oct 18, 2022 in Blog

Building a home with a neutral colour palette is elegant and timeless, but without some help from colour, the space can feel cold and sterile. Even the most minimalist homeowners need a splash of colour to make the space warm and homey.

If you’re a little hesitant about adding colour and making bold choices for décor, here are several ways to add a simple touch of colour to your home.

1.    Add a Bright Rug

Rugs come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you want a runner for your hallways or something bigger for your living room or bedroom, the options are endless. The patterns and colours to choose from are vast. Adding a rug is a commitment-free way to introduce some colour, and you can always change out rugs and move them around the home when you want to redecorate.

Lucas Bonus Room 2

2.    Feature Some Plants and Flowers

Greenery and flowers are a stunning addition to any room. Nature goes with everything; you can achieve vibrancy with just a few leaves and petals. If you’re hopeless when it comes to plants and you lack a green thumb, get some fake plants instead. No one will know the difference.

3.    Choose Vibrant Textiles

Pillows, throws, and cushions are another low-commitment pop of colour for your living room or bedroom. You can change the shades based on the seasons and your mood or bring new energy into the space. If you’re confident, you can add some patterns to give the space personality without feeling overwhelmed.

San Rufo Bedroom 17

4.    Find Inspiration in Patterns

One of the reasons patterns are so easy to work with is because they have a mix of colours on which you can base your palette. It’s easy to coordinate when the hues exist in the pattern. There’s no need to use every colour in the print. For a minimalist approach, pull one shade from the design that you love and make it the focal point.

5.    Select Daring Window Treatments

Dress up your windows with eye-catching curtains to completely alter the space. They make the windows look more exciting and are more fun than basic white. There’s no need to go super bright. Even a muted hue will draw attention and break up neutral walls. Curtains are also temporary and easy to change out when the mood strikes.

6.    Introduce One Accent Colour

If you want a colourful commitment, painting an accent wall will add depth and dynamics to the room. You can tie in this wall with matching textiles to tie everything together for a cohesive, sophisticated style.

Bottom Line

Building a custom home is a blank slate to create the most comfortable and homey space tailored to your taste. When you choose all the features you love, you can use décor to make your customizations stand out.

To explore show homes from San Rufo Homes, contact us to see beautiful layouts, creative designs, and all the customizations you can choose from.

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