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8 Advantages of Building Your Home with a Finished Basement

Posted on Jan 12, 2021 in Blog

When building your brand-new home, you’ll inevitably be faced with the decision to finish your basement now or later. While many home buyers may be tempted to put off finishing their basement as a means of upfront savings, the truth is, waiting can wind up costing you in the long run – and in more ways than one!

Here are eight advantages of building your home with a finished basement:

1. Home Builder Incentives

Did you know finishing your basement with a new home builder is a more affordable alternative to hiring a private contractor later on? Unlike independent contractors, Edmonton custom home builders often offer free basement development incentives on select models and designs in their inventory. In short, you may benefit from a fully finished basement at no extra cost to you.

2. Lower Utility Bills

Custom home builder incentives and promotions aren’t the only means of capitalizing on some serious savings. Finished basements are notably more energy efficient, having been proven to reduce heating costs through increased insulation, additional air sealing and more. In short, finishing your basement can reduce your energy bills by hundreds of dollars a year.

Lower Utility Bills

3. Boost Your Home’s Value

Admittedly resale value may not be the first thing on your mind when it comes to your brand-new home. However, a finished basement will improve the value of your home significantly when and if you choose to sell. In many cases, savvy Edmonton home buyers take advantage of their builder’s free basement development promotions and improve their home’s market value by thousands at little to no extra charge. 

4. Additional Work and Recreation Space

With more and more Edmontonians making the shift to working from home, finished basements equipped with home offices are in demand now more than ever. You may also choose to balance work and play by incorporating not just a personal workspace but a home gym, games room or entertainment space where you can spend additional quality time with friends and family.

Additional Work and Recreation Space

5. Extra Room For Loved Ones

Speaking of friends and family, a finished basement presents a perfect opportunity to make extra room for loved ones. Consider adding one or two bedrooms and a full bathroom to bolster privacy for both overnight guests, older children and other live-in family members (perfect for multi-generational families).

6. The Potential For Passive Income

Revenue generating secondary suites are in high demand in Edmonton. For a little extra, your custom home builder can incorporate a separate, legal basement suite, allowing you to earn passive income every month and pay your mortgage off faster. This also another great way to improve the resale value of your home and/or accommodate multi-generational family members.

The Potential For Passive Income

7. Consistent Design

Avoid discontinuities in materials, style and design by having your basement finished right the first time. Not only will your builder already have the labour, materials and design staff on-hand to complete the project quickly and accurately (saving you ample time and money), but they’ll also ensure the look and feel of your basement remains consistent with the rest of your home.

8. New Home Warranty

As with any new home build, your brand-new finished basement will come backed by a 10-year new home warranty. Should any warrantable defect occur, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your custom home builder will take care of it for you, no questions asked. This is a far better alternative to hiring a contractor whose work will not receive the same warranty coverage.

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