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9 Signs It’s Time For a New Home

Posted on Feb 9, 2021 in Blog

Are you ready to move on and move up into a brand-new Edmonton home? Here are nine ways to tell:

1. You’ve Outgrown Your Current Starter Home

Now that you’ve lived in your current starter home for a few years, you’ve successfully managed both a mortgage and other household expenses, all the while building valuable equity. During this time, you may have even managed to accumulate some savings, and therefore enough for a down payment on the home you really want.

9 signs it's time for a new home

2. Your Family is Changing

Your current home may have suited your needs when you were on your own, but now that you have a partner, two children and another one on the way, it’s time to move-up into something bigger. On the other hand, if your kids have flown the nest and you now find yourself with more rooms than people, you may want to downsize to a new home that’s better suited to your changing lifestyle.

3. You’re Sick of Maintenance

Every time you turn around, it’s something different. The furnace needs to be replaced, the hot water tank is on its last legs, your roof has sprung a leak, and your utility bills are sky-high. Why live in a repair-related money pit when you could own a brand-new, low-maintenance home backed by new home warranty?

4. You Can Qualify For a Good Rate

It’s no secret that mortgage rates in Canada are at a historic new low. As a result, now may be the best time to purchase a new home and save thousands of dollars over the lifetime of your mortgage loan. What’s more, these downward trends are expected to continue well into 2022, giving your plenty of time to buy or build your new dream home.

You Can Qualify For a Good Rate

5. You’re Short on Storage

Your family has grown, but your storage hasn’t. You now find yourself having to store your Christmas tree under the kids’ bed, and you can’t remember the last time you were actually able to park in the garage. A new home with modern storage options (i.e. built-in shelving, ample cupboard, closet, drawer and garage space, walk-through pantry, mudroom, etc.) will keep your four walls from bursting at the seams.

6. You Need to be Closer to Work

If you’re spending more time in the car than you do at work or home, it’s likely time to find a better-suited location. Imagine how much time (not to mention money) you could save by moving to a new Edmonton community that isn’t just closer to work, but all the other amenities your current neighbourhood might be lacking.

You Need to be Closer to Work

7. You’d Like a New Neighbourhood

Speaking of a lacking neighbourhood, if your community no longer suits your needs (i.e. your children are approaching school age and the nearest elementary is a 20-minute drive away), you may want to rethink where you live. Other neighbourhood-based factors that may have you ready to relocate might include rising crime rates, depreciating home values and unwelcome development cropping up around the area.

8. It’s a Buyer’s Market in Edmonton

Simply put, a buyer’s market occurs when there is more home inventory available than there are buyers. As a prospective home buyer in Edmonton, not only will you have a wide selection of new homes to choose from, but you may even benefit from significant savings through affordable pricing as well as various new home builder incentives and promotions.

9. You Want a Home Uniquely Your Own

Unlike a previously owned home (a.k.a. a resale), a brand-new home build allows you to have your home, your way. From the model and floorplan, right down to the last door handle, you’ll be able to choose every fit and finish, custom-tailoring each detail to suit your unique wants and needs. No remodelling, no renovations, no settling for second best.

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