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Tips to Protect Your Home from Crime

Posted on Nov 25, 2021 in News

No matter where you live, you should always take steps to protect yourself and your home from burglary or robbery. Instances of breaking and entering are decreasing, but they are crimes of opportunity. It’s up to homeowners to guard themselves against vulnerabilities that may make your home a target.

When building a custom home, this is even more important. You’ve built your dream home. You don’t want anything that will cause damage or compromise your safety!

Beyond getting a security system, homeowners can take some easy steps to deter any criminal from entering your home. Here, we’re listing some top tips to make your home less exposed.

1.    Light Up Your Home at Night

Motion-activated outdoor lights can be enough to scare off a would-be home invader. Some automatic lights in your backyard, front yard, and any side doors to your home can deter potential criminals from targeting your home.

2.    Fortify Your Front Door

You may be surprised at just how many burglars make their way through the front door. It would help if you inspected any door that leads outside or to your attached garage. Strike plates – where your deadbolt is attached – tend to use small screws that may be easy to break through. A longer screw makes your door more difficult to kick in.

A video doorbell can also boost your exterior door security. You can access the camera even when you’re not home, so you have eyes outside at all times. A smart lock can also ease security concerns because there are no keys that a home invader can get their hands on.

3.    Secure Your Windows

Always locking your windows when they are closed is a good habit to get into. But some windows don’t come with the best latches. They can make windows weak points for burglars to exploit. You can remedy this with security film that can withstand a lot of force.

You can also install sensors that will alert you to glass breaking or window breaches. If you don’t think there is enough threat to add a security system, even just the suggestion of one can turn potential criminals away. Just putting up an alarm sticker in the window or somewhere visible on your lawn can be enough to spare your home from invasion.

Bottom Line

Home security features are getting more sophisticated, and security systems are becoming more accessible. But these low-tech tips can be enough to persuade home invaders to leave your home alone.