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Six Perks of Purchasing a Brand-New Duplex

Posted on Feb 16, 2021 in Blog

From first-time home buyers and growing families to downsizers and everything in between, new construction duplexes cater to a broad range of lifestyles, tastes and budgets. If you’re in the market for a new construction home, here are six great reasons to choose a brand-new duplex.

1. Ultra-Affordability

One of the first reasons many Edmonton homeowners opt to purchase a new construction duplex is affordability. A budget-friendly alternative to a single-family home (with many of the same advantages), duplexes can cost a minimum of $100,000 less than their detached counterparts (making them an extremely attractive option for first-time home buyers).*

When building new, especially, you have better control over your bottom line in that you can add as little or as many additional custom features as you like, within your set price range.


2. A Diverse Range of Styles

Speaking of features and finishes, duplexes also come in a diverse range of model types, modern floor plans and layouts with a wealth of excellent interior amenities to suit your unique wants and needs. The choice is yours!

3. Ample Square Footage

As we mentioned above, duplexes offer many of the same features as a single-family home, without the price tag. Not only can you look forward to the same number of bedrooms, bathrooms and flexible living space as with the average detached home, but you can also anticipate a generous amount of square footage.

ample square footage

4. Your Choice of Neighbourhood

Yet another advantage of calling a new duplex? You can live just about anywhere you want. No matter what area of Edmonton you’re looking to call home, there is a thoughtfully designed, duplex-friendly community waiting for you. 

Even better, these newly developing communities are known for their fantastic local amenities (parks, walking trails, green spaces, playgrounds, etc.) and their proximity to other family-friendly essentials such as schools, shopping, services, restaurants, entertainment venues and accessible commuter roads.

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5. A Sense of Privacy

Despite sharing a single wall with a neighbour, duplex owners enjoy a comfortable sense of privacy. Modern building practices and soundproofing also guarantee you’ll never have to listen to your neighbour’s dog barking or worry your TV is too loud. Here again, like a single-family home, you can also look forward to having your own private driveway and backyard space – perfect for pets, outdoor play and warm-weather entertaining.

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a sense of privacy

6. Rental Income Potential 

Last but not least, duplexes are genuinely unique in that they offer the potential for additional income. Many Edmonton home buyers opt to purchase the entire duplex (both sides), living in one half while renting out the other. Conversely, others choose to finish their basements to include a secondary suite, allowing them to skip the cost of the other unit yet still generate additional monthly rental income.

*Based on San Rufo previously built duplexes vs. single-family home pricing.

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